Anterior instability and massive RCT / Irreparable massive subscapularis lesion

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This module is an excerpt from the Val d'Isère Shoulder Course program which took place live in Val d'Isère in April 2022. 

The topics covered in this module are “Anterior Instability and Massive RCT” and “Irreparable massive subscapularis lesion” This is followed by MCQ questions to complete the module 

“Anterior instability and massive RCT”

Chairman: J. Barth (France) 

Faculty: P. Collin (France), P. Valenti (France), T. Lafosse (France)

This topic includes a 25-minute video discussing 3 clinical cases, treatment options and final conclusions for optimal patient care.

“Irreparable massive subscapularis lesion” 

Chairman: O. Verborgt (Belgium)

Faculty: A. Lädermann (Switzerland), K. Wieser (Switzerland), J. Kany (France), G. Athwal (Canada)

This topic includes a 40-minute video presenting different treatment options for irreparable massive subscapularis lesions, and case discussions / debates. 


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