Beemed’s vision is to lead the way for disruptive learning in shoulder surgery, trauma and sports medicine.

About us

Welcome to Beemed!

Beemed is the first participative medical education platform in the field of shoulder surgery, trauma and sports medicine, designed by surgeons, for surgeons. Beemed SA is based in Geneva and was launched on July 2019.

Like bees in their hives, doctors, scientists and healthcare professionals work together to promote best health care and technologies. They share information in order to continuously enhance their practice. Beemed brings the hive everywhere, anytime, for everyone.

Using Blockchain technology, Beemed’s purpose is to unchain medical education by offering a whole new way of learning, sharing and publishing medical information.

Learning & Sharing…

Beemed provides healthcare actors with exhaustive learning possibilities for them to continuously thrive in a fast-paced environment.
It gives access to the largest wiki-like free medical encyclopeadia featuring continuously updated videos and articles, to major worldwide conferences via its e-congress module as well as to e-learning courses with CME accreditation.

Rethinking medical publication…

Beemed has the ambition to move scientific communication from publishers to the scientific community through flawless processes. 
The platform will be using the blockchain to permanently timestamp manuscripts, ideas or methods. We also intend to amend the traditional peer review concept with the possibility of rating peer reviews, thus creating a reputation system for reviewers. Finally, thanks to the blockchain which enables to store, track and record all activities, Beemed will also develop its own metric for citations.

In a world of accelerating change, driven by technology breakthroughs, we believe there is a veritable opportunity for the medical sector to rethink the way we learn. To improve the way we share. To enhance how we work together to continuously optimize our practice.
Beemed’s Committee