BeeMed’s vision is to lead the way for disruptive learning in shoulder surgery, trauma and sports medicine.

About us

Welcome to BeeMed!

Designed by Surgeons for Surgeons

BeeMed is a participative medical educational repository, designed by surgeons for surgeons.

Like bees in their hive, Doctors, Scientists and Healthcare Professionals work together to impart health, improve human wellbeing and sustainably ensure valuable know-how enhances medical pollination.

We see BeeMed as a hive that leverages blockchain technology to unchain medical education, offering a new way of learning, a seamless way of sharing, validating and publishing reliable medical insights for healthcare professionals

Focused on shoulder surgery, trauma and sports medicine, BeeMed provides exhaustive learning possibilities that contribute towards improving professional mastery.

WikiBeeMed is our digital compendium of continuously updated procedural videos & specialised medical manuscripts and articles accessible anytime and everywhere.

BeeMed facilitates affordable access to specialised e-learning courses, worldwide e-congresses and e-seminars for that deliver corresponding CME accreditations.

We ambition transferring back peer-reviews from Publishers to the Scientific Community using reliable, seamless & transparent accredited Key Opinion Leaders’ validation processes.

BeeMed’s platform exploits blockchain’s decentralization, immutability, data integrity and security to share ownership traceability of manuscripts, ideas and new methods.

In a world of accelerating change driven by technology breakthroughs, we believe there is concrete value in rethinking the way our medical community upskills, shares and evolves.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, BeeMed SA was incorporated in July 2019.

Like restless bees, BeeMed enhances how we work together to continuously improve specialized medical practices.

Executive Team