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At BeeMed, we recognise the importance and value in facilitating successful fellowships. It is with pleasure that we present, founded by Dr. Mohy Taha, as an invaluable resource for our community of orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine specialists and other health professionals.



Finding a suitable fellowship is essential. Sometimes, doctors and institutes have different expectations regarding fellowship which can lead to frustration and wasted resources for both. One obstacle for doctors is finding feedback from previous fellows regarding a specific fellowship and being able to contact that person for further advice. On the other hand, one of the obstacles for institutes is that they receive many inquiries from candidates who do not match their selection criteria which increases their administrative overhead. For both doctors and institutes alike, financing a fellowship can also prove a callange. Some companies want to provide fellowship sponsorship to doctors directly, however they are unable due to various rules and regulations.

Kind regards,

MBBCh, MD, FMH Founder

Mohy Taha

Orthopaedic Consultant Shoulder and
Elbow Surgery
Basel University Hospital

A word from the founder....

MyFellowship is built from the ground up with the needs of doctors and institutes in mind. We believe a fellowship is an opportunity which improves and enhances medical training, and therefore improves patient care. Our mission is to connect doctors and institutes around the world with a secure and convenient web platform. We make fellowships more accessible and doctors/institutes happier!"