Because Sharing Knowledge Improves Wisdom


Dear Surgeons,

We are proud to introduce you to PONSIST, Global Surgical Society, the worlds first unsponsored and non commercial Surgical Social Media.

Our Story

Throughout history the medical field has evolved through knowledge transmission, in fact the development of mankind is based on this principal.

In todays world there’s tremendous individual and practical knowledge found around the globe. Yet in our technologically transformed environment where sharing through digital means has become our second nature there wasn’t a central social platform tailored to the high demands of surgical professionals.
PONSIST fills that gap by forming the bridge between surgical advancements and primary skills as well as between young minds and experienced hands. The clever set up not only allows individuals to go beyond country borders, but also to tap into the much larger collective networking value of overlapping (sub)specialties.
That’s what we call the Power of PONSIST.
The Global Surgical Society is constructed on three core values; Privacy, Honesty and Simplicity
With it we provide all surgical specialists on our planet with a space
  • Where surgeons can just be surgeons
  • Where you connect with peers around the world without the need to make friends first
  • Where contacting interesting colleagues is effortless
  • Where your online behaviour is your business only, period
  • Where you save time and get straight to the interesting online content
  • Where you can increase your trial or study performance through online affiliations

Because Sharing Knowledge Improves Wisdom

It is my honour and pleasure to serve you!

Alinda Jansen
Founder of PONSIST