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Medacta is an international company specialized in the design and production of innovative orthopaedic products and the development of accompanying surgical techniques for joint replacement, spine surgery and sports medicine. Established in 1999 in Switzerland, Medacta’s products and surgical techniques are characterized by innovation. Medacta has leveraged its orthopaedic expertise and comprehensive understanding of the human body to develop the sophisticated MySolutions technology, which offers surgeons highly personalized pre-operative planning and implant placement methodologies by creating advanced personalized kinematic models and 3D planning tools for use in hip, knee, shoulder and spine procedures.

Featured products

The Medacta Shoulder System is an innovative shoulder replacement platform that features a broad range of options and allows the surgeon to choose the best implant for the patient. It is a modular system that offers the flexibility, if necessary, to move from a hemi-arthroplasty to a total or reverse arthroplasty.

MyShoulder allows the surgeon to realize the pre-operative 3D planning and deliver accurate implant placement using CT-based 3D-printed cutting and positioning guides.