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Beemed uses the blockchain technology, with the aim to move scientific communication from publishers to the scientific community.

To address the weakness of some scientific publications, Beemed uses the blockchain to permanently timestamp our manuscripts, ideas or methods. The Beemed blockchain system delivers a proof of authentication for each contributor submitting scientific content.

Beemed also intends to amend the traditional peer review concept with the possibility of rating peer reviews and thus creating a reputation system for reviewers. Finally and since citation is the currency of research, Beemed also developed its own metric for citations.

Indeed, the huge advantage of blockchain is that all activities are automatically stored, tracked and recorded. These records enable the calculation of the citation counts out of the black-boxes resulting from algorithms and closed data sources such as impact factors or h-index.

Acromioclavicular Joint

Surgical treatment of proximal humeral fractures

Acute or Recurrent Anteroinferior Glenohumeral Instability