Toulouse Arthroscopic Shoulder Course

08th - 09th October 2020

Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to the 5th edition of the « TASC International » in 2020, October 8 and 9. The «Toulouse Arthroscopic Shoulder Course» will turn to the «Toulouse. Advanced Shoulder Course» to include open and arthroplasty procedures with arthroscopies. In 2020, I would like the «TASC» to become worldwide and thus the first congress where every surgery will be broadcasted from each expert’s own theatre anywhere in the world.

For a couple of hours, every expert will present his clinical cases, will perform a live-surgery and will organize either a key-note lecture or a discussion with his local panels. The session moderator will be located in Toulouse. We will follow the sun and every two hours we will be traveling to another city and country.

Therefore a 24-hour non-stop shoulder surgical webcast procedures will be planned as «24H ‘Le Mans’ Shoulder».
Of course registrations will be proposed via the internet and everybody will be given the opportunity to follow all the Congress ... at home (with replays as well).

As a result, the most sophisticated techniques (bone blocks, tendon transfer, transosseous sutures, arthroplasties), will be presented and performed by some of the world-famous expert surgeons who will have been selected beforehand. Almost twelve live surgeries will be performed in October 2020, from Thursday, 8th at 8am to Friday 9th.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our next TASC in Toulouse.

Jean Kany

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