First VIRTUAL LYON WRIST advanced international course

13th October 2020

It 's with great pleasure that we provide you with the replay of the first international virtual LYON WRIST advanced course.

Guillaume Herzberg and Marion Burnier


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08:30    Hands-on Sawbone Demonstration - G. Herzberg, M. Burnier

              1 Volar Plate, Anatomique, Adaptative, Baby Foot, FPL

              2 RSL (Anterior and Dorsal) and Total Fusion


10 30    Cobra Wrist Hemi-arthroplasty for Distal Radius Fracture (DRF) - G. Herzberg, M. Burnier

10 40    Visiofix for Osteosynthesis of DRF & Single Use Instrument Set - L. Erhard, M. Burnier 

10 49     NerVFIX™: A Tissue Engineering Solution for Nerve Section - L. Barnouin


11 12    Maia TM Arthroplasty: Why Maia rather than a Trapeziectomy? - J. L. Bovet

11 22    Maia TM Implant: A series of 96 cases at 10 years follow-up - J. Teissier

11 32    Maia Dual Mobility: why and for which Outcomes? - T. Apard

11 42    Surgical Tips and Tricks for Maia Implan - J. L. Bovet

11 52    Summary and Evolution of the Maia Range - J. C. Sechaud

12:00    Conclusion


12 20 Introduction: M. Boeckstyns, G. Herzberg, M. Burnier

12 30 Distal radius fractures (DRF), osteoligamentous concepts - G.I. Bain (Australia)

12 40 Carpal Instability Non dissociative following acute DRF - M.W.M. Fok (Hong Kong SAR China)

12 50 Traumatic Non-dissociative Carpal Instability - S.W. Wolfe (USA)

13 00 Arthroscopic assessment of SL, LT and TFCC lig injuries associated with intra articular DRF - L. Ardouin (France)

13 10 Influence of ulnar styloid fracture on pronation-supination strength of DRF fixed with volar plate - M. Chammas (France)

13 20 A new TFCC @ 3D-3 part Concept - G. Herzberg, M. Burnier, T. Nakamura (France - Japan)

13 30 Treatment of UT split tears, S. Kakar (USA)

13 40 My technique of Arthroscopic reinsertion of TFCC avulsions: all inside - C. Rizzo (France)

13 50 My technique of Arthroscopic reinsertion of TFCC avulsion: trans osseous outside-in - T. Nakamura (Japan)

14 00 Arthroscopically assisted TFCC reconstruction: recording - D. Fontes (France)

14 10 Arthroscopically assisted TFCC reconstruction: my indications, my technique - P.C. Ho (Hong Kong SAR China)

14 20 Case Discussion: G. Herzberg, M. Burnier, L. Ardouin, G.I. Bain, M. Chammas, M.W.M Fok, P.C. HO, S. Kakar, L. Obert, C. Rizzo, S.W. Wolfe

14 50 BREAK


15 00 Complications of Volar Plating of DRF - F. LoiselL. Obert (France)

15 10 How to manage Secondary Displacement after Nonoperative Treatment of DRF - J. Orbay (USA)

15 20 What is your definition of DISI & VISI? - N. BraunS.W. Wolfe (USA)

15:30      ANAFAB reconstruction: Treatment of chronic Scapholunate Dissociation based on computer-based quantitative analysis - M. Sandow (Australia)

15 40 Anatomical Front and Back Reconstruction for Scapholunate Dissociation (ANAFAB): A Single Cohort Study - S.W. Wolfe (USA)

15 50 Rationale of Ulnar metaphyseal osteotomy for Ulnar impaction syndrome - J.L Roux. (France)

16 00 3D Reconstruction of the Wrist from biplanar x-rays - F. Loisel (France)

16 10 Arthroscopic 4-corner fusion - F. Del Pinal (Spain)

16 20 Amandys vs 4 corner in patients older than 55 - P. Bellemère (France)

16 30 My current indications for TWA - B.D. Adams (USA)

16 40 Risk factors associated with intra- and post-operative fractures in TWA - M. Rizzo (USA)

16 50 Revision of Failed Wrist Arthroplasty - M. Boeckstyns (Denmark)

17 00 Wrist Hemiarthroplasty Preserves Coupling Axis in Dart-Thrower's Motion Plane - S.W. Wolfe (USA)

17 10 Case Discussion: G. Herzberg, M. Burnier, B.D. Adams, P. Bellemère, M. Boeckstyns, F. Del Pinal, F. Loisel, L. Obert, J. Orbay, M. Rizzo, J.L. Roux, M. Sandow, S.W. Wolfe, D. Slutsky

17 40 Conclusions;  M. Burnier, G. Herzberg (France)