EUSSER-SECEC Webinar Nov 2020
November 2020
E-congresses / EUSSER-SECEC Webinar Nov 2020

Non-operative and operative treatment of repairable rotator cuff tears: search for an European consensus

More than 80 years ago, Ernest Codman described for the first time that a rupture of the rotator cuff might be a cause of shoulder pain and loss of function in his masterpiece ‘The shoulder: Rupture of the Supraspinatus Tendon and Other Lesions In or About the Subacromial Bursa’.

Since then, this pathology has been investigated extensively, and several treatments protocols have been proposed.

During the webinar on Tuesday 17th of November, physiotherapists from EUSSER (European Society for Shoulder and Elbow Rehabilitation) and surgeons from SECEC (European Shoulder and Elbow Society) will give an update on the current treatment of painful shoulders with repairable rotator cuff tears.

N.B. Accreditation in progress!

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  • 20.00 - 20.04 Introduction (Alexander Van Tongel BE)
  • 20.05 - 20.12 Anatomy of the rotator cuff and patterns of rotator cuff ruptures (Paolo Paldini IT)
  • 20.12 - 20.25 How to clinically assess a patient with suspected rotator cuff tear. (Lennard Funk-Jo Gibson UK)
  • 20.26 - 20.33 Technical investigation in patients with rotator cuff rupture - - what do I look for as a surgeon (Przemyslaw Lubiatowski PO)
  • 20.34 - 20.41 Based on which clinical parameters I determine my operative or non-operative treatment? (Lars Adolfsson SE)
  • 20.42 - 20.54 Which exercise I use in the non-operative treatment (Ann Cools BE)
  • 20.55 - 21.10 Q&A (Emilio Calvo SP - Suzanne Gard CH)
  • 21.11 - 21.18 Which surgical procedure do I perform and is a repair always necessary? (Philippe Collin FR)
  • 21.19 - 21.25 Based on which parameters during the operation do I decide to mobilize immediately or not (Alexandre Lädermann CH)
  • 21.26 - 21.35 Postoperative treatment after rotator cuff repair (Reena Tweddle UK)
  • 21.36 - 21.44 Sending your patient back to work (Yasmaine Karel NL)
  • 21.45 - 21.57 Q&A (Tjarco Alta NL – Ingrid Hultenheim SE)
  • 21.57 - 22.00 Conclusion (Alexander Van Tongel BE)