Sagittal balance E course

18th September 2020

A 3h30 live e-course that goes through some of the basic aspects of thoraco-lumbar fusion planning and also a new area of investigation: the cervical spine sagittal balance.


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Friday September 18th, 2020

13:00 Cervical spine sagittal parameters - JC. Le Huec (Bordeaux)

13:30 Sponsor workshops

14:00 Clinical cases of cervical and cervico-thoracic deformities, osteotomies - D. Riew (New York)

14:30 Sponsor workshops

15:00 Strategy planning for thoraco-lumbar fusions with regards to sagittal balance and PJK - A. Faundez (Geneva)

Professor Jean Charles LE HUEC is a world renowned orthopaedic spine surgeon based in Bordeaux, and a very popular teacher of spine surgery concepts, amongst spine surgeons. He will explain how to analyze the sagittal parameters of the cervical spine, one of his very recent field of research interest.

This year we have the privilege to host Professor Daniel K. RIEW who is also a world renowned orthopaedic spine surgeon based in New York. His practice and research field of interest is exclusively limited to the operative treatment of the cer- vical spine. He also is highly appreciated as a teacher of cervical spine surgery, with several lectures given all around the world. He will be giving a lecture directly from NYC about surgical treatment of cervical and cervicothoracic deformities.

Dr Antonio FAUNDEZ is a recognized swiss orthopaedic spine surgeon based in Geneva, Switzerland. Together with Jean Charles LE HUEC, he has authored several landmark publications on the subject of sagittal balance. Antonio and Jean Charles have been organizing the Geneva Sagittal Balance Course since 2011, the first ever course in Europe to teach the practical application of the sagittal balance concept, with one day theory teaching and one half day anatomical workshop